Initial post

Assignment Three – Work experience

This assignment is, with my tutor’s approval being undertaken out of sequence and represents the final assignment of the degree course.

My proposal is to immerse myself in the process of progressing my practice and write an essay describing my findings and development. I plan the process to take the final three months of the calendar year 2016 and whilst the final item will be the essay as per the course requirements, I plan to inaugurate a new blog solely for the purposes of documenting my progress.

The new blog may be in the form of a diary or a series of entries – to be decided, either way there will be set number of defined topics that will be documented. Some of the topics will have defined goals to reach before the end of the assignment period, some will not. Either way it should document the gathering momentum of a student nearing the end of one phase of his studies in order to propel himself toward the next phase of study and development.

The main topics will be:

  • Continued development of the ‘False Memory’ project.
  • Curate and install three exhibitions as part of the “Off the Shelf” Festival in Sheffield.
  • Work to comprehend the Bank Street Arts exhibition opportunity with the associate artists from the Symposium in July.
  • Work with Textile artist on a short collaborative project on ‘Memory’.
  • Create an application for further studies at MA level.